Özgür Gündem distributor Adnan Işık was murdered 29 years ago

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  • 14:28 26 November 2022
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WAN - 29 years have passed since the murder of Adnan Işık, who left his job and distributed newspapers after the murder of Özgür Gündem Newspaper employee Orhan Karaağar.
It has been 29 years since Özgür Gündem and Özgür Halk distributor Adnan Işık were murdered. Işık, who quit his job and started working at Özgür Gündem shortly after the murder of Özgür Gündem newspaper employee Orhan Karaağar, was murdered as a result of an armed attack while returning home one evening.
After the murder of Orhan Karaağar, the Distributor of Özgür Gündem Newspaper, by 6 people on January 19, 1993, Işık decided to do the distributorship and went to the Özgür Gündem Wan office and conveyed his request to the newspaper authorities. Işık, whose request was accepted, distributed newspapers in the streets of the city after a while. Işık, who was threatened many times not to distribute newspapers while working, continued to distribute newspapers and was detained many times by the police. Işık, who left the newspaper office and took the city bus to go home on November 26, was attacked with an armed attack while he was getting down to the square in the Erek Neighborhood, where his house is located. The person who attacked Işık fled the scene by riding a white taurus waiting 50 meters away. Işık, whose body was taken from the hospital, was buried. Although the family filed lawsuits many times after Işık to find the perpetrators, Işık's perpetrators were never found and the case was closed.