The teams did not come to the destroyed neighborhood for 4 days

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  • 12:20 9 February 2023
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GAZİANTEP- It has been stated that AFAD has not started a search and rescue operation in the Keferdız District of Nurdağı district, which has a population of 3 thousand, although 4 days have passed since the earthquake.
In the Akçagöz Nurdağı district of Gaziantep, which was affected by the earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, there were almost no houses left that were not destroyed. While the neighborhood has a population of over 3 thousand, all the houses in the district were affected by the earthquake. In the neighborhood where the search and rescue team has not visited until now, the people are trying to get their bodies out of the rubble by their own means.
Mesut Soylu, who came to the wreckage area from Balikesir to show solidarity with his relatives after the earthquake, said that they dug his cousin and his wife out of the wreckage with their own hands and buried them. The neighborhood that used to be a town was completely destroyed. There is neither state aid nor anything. The people bring water by their own means, if the nation does not bring it themselves, we will be hungry and thirsty. There is no help from the state. We want a place for these people to live."
Mahmut Soylu, who lives in the neighborhood, said: "4 days have passed since the earthquake and there are still people under the rubble. We brought our bodies out from under the rubble yesterday, we fulfilled our religious obligations with the water we boiled in cauldrons with their own means and laid to rest them. We rented a bucket with our own means. We are trying to fill the diesel and remove the rubble. Our ladle does not work because of running out of diesel."

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