Call to international forces: Finish the genocide policy against the Kurds

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  • 10:36 24 March 2023
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NEWS CENTER - Stating that the Treaty of Lausanne should be reviewed in its centennial year, Democratic Syrian Council Co-chair Îlham Ehmed called on international powers to end the genocidal policy towards Kurds.
Sending a message to the Newroz reception held in England, the Democratic Syrian Council Co-chair Îlham Ehmed said: "The peoples of the Middle East celebrated Newroz on the anniversary of their victory against Dehak under the leadership of Kawa. March 21 is considered a turning point both mythologically and geographically. As the name suggests, Newroz expresses the excitement of a new day for the Kurds and the peoples of the Middle East. After nation states were established and Kurdistan was disintegrated, the invaders systematically tried to ban Newroz to the Kurds. Even making fires was forbidden for a long time. Today, the bans on the culture, language and life of the Kurdish people should be lifted immediately in Turkey, Iran and Syria. On the new day of 2023, namely Newroz, a new perspective must be determined for the just cause of the Kurdish people with a new policy, a new vision and a new approach.”
Stating that especially in the centenary of the Lausanne Treaty should be revised, Ehmed said: “The more color, the more life, the more beautiful life becomes because life itself is the sum of colors. Only humanity can be destroyed in a regime in which monochicity is imposed. In this context, the more people, the more culture, the more color and beauty emerges in the cradle of humanity. It is a natural right of these peoples and their defending is essential. Again in this plane, we, as the Syrian Kurds, Rojava Kurds, have seen the policy of genocide and destruction of the Baath regime for years. Now we say that these should be put out. Unlike the old times, hundreds of thousands of Kurds come side by side in free areas with our opportunities, celebrating this sacred day and giving their political and cultural messages. They decorate free squares with their traditional clothes. This ownership is a very important item in our presence.”
Calling the international powers to end the policy of genocide against the Kurds, Ahmed said: “In this context, just as Newroz marks the day of brotherhood, peace and freedom, today, millions of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Armenians and Assyrians are friendly in Rojava. They come together as brothers and sisters. We were able to reveal this forgotten beauty in these short few years. Now, it is our duty to turn this meaningful day into a day of peace, a day of brotherhood, and a day of equality all over the world. That's our hope, that's what our effort is about. And we hope that for all the suffering people of Rojava and Syria, this new year will be the year when the door to a political solution will be opened, the ground for peace will be established and the freedom of women will be further developed.”
Ehmed said that women are the ones who celebrated Newroz most enthusiastically and noted that women can see themselves, their will and existence in the meaning of Newroz.

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