Workers demand Covid- 19 to be considered working accident


ADANA - Adana Food-Work Regional Represantative Gökhan İmrek, making a call for support for the organization campaign called 'Bosses must be responsible for the crisis and the pandemic', said: "Covid- 19 must be considered a working accident".

The Food Industry Workers Union (Gıda-İş) affiliated to the Revolutionary Trade Unions Confederation (DİSK) Adana Regional Representative Office made a statement regarding the organization campaign they initiated with the slogan “The bills of the crisis and the epidemic to the bosses”. Food and Business Adana Regional Representative Gökhan İmrek stated that they faced the epidemic threat together with a livelihood crisis during the Covid-19 epidemic just like the workers, working in other sectors.
The workers, whose unemployment premiums are also looted under the name of short work, were told either to stay home and die of starvation or go to work and die of the virus, underlined İmrek. Calling on to the workers to unite under the campaign they started, said: "We invite all food industry workers in our province to fight together under the DISK / Food-Work roof to ensure a humane living and humane working conditions. Covid- 19 should be considered a working accident. Unemployement fund is for the workers and workers only. It must be used for workers."